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Finding a quality Medical Professional on short notice is stressful.  When you work with RadCoverage, you will get your positions filled quickly with excellent candidates. You can feel confident knowing each candidate is screened by our placement consultants to ensure top quality staff. Our pricing structure is competitive, transparent, and rewards repeat clients.  We look forward to working with you.


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Karolina Willis

VP of Business Development and Operations

C: 561-752-6416 | E: Karolina@radcoverage.com



Finding the right person to add to your team long-term is critical. We place a wide range of specialties and positions for permanent hire, screening each candidate to ensure they are a good fit before sending them to you.


Whether needed to fill an urgent vacancy or do a test run with a candidate that could turn into a permanent role, we will help find a candidate that meets and exceeds your requirements and fits your culture.


For candidates looking to broaden their horizons, we place candidates around the world.  We will help walk candidates through the licensing processes and give accurate timelines to ensure deadlines are met.

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