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Finding a quality Oncology Professional on short notice is stressful.  When you work with RadCoverage, you can get your position filled quickly, in some cases as short as 48 hours for locums because we specialize in oncologist, dosimetrist, and physicists. You can feel confident knowing each candidate is screened by our placement consultants to ensure top quality staff. Our pricing structure is competitive, transparent, and rewards repeat clients.  We look forward to working with you.


For more details on the reg, please contact:

Karolina Willis

VP of Business Development and Operations

C: 561-752-6416 | E: Karolina@radcoverage.com



Radiation Oncologist recruitment for locums and permanent positions



Radiation Physicists for commissioning, locums coverage and permanent placement



Medical Dosimetry for remote planning, locums coverage, and permanent placement

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3 Essential Questions That Help You Hire Great People

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When you’re looking to fill a permanent position in your medical team, you want to make sure you hire the right person. You want to find someone who you can…

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