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Want To Practice In Another Country? We Can Help

By November 8, 2017 No Comments

Most of us don’t really enjoy filling out paperwork or interpreting complicated regulations. But if you want to practice medicine in another country, that’s part of what you’re signing up for. It’s vital that you get the proper licenses in the country (or countries) where you want to work. And that’s going to involve quite a bit of time spent researching and making sure you get everything filled out properly.

Licensing requirements will vary depending on which country you want to work in. And in some cases, it will also depend on other factors such as how much experience you have. Here at RadCoverage, we’re familiar with what’s required for doctors to get licensed in other countries. Here’s a quick overview of some of the requirements for some of the countries we work with.



The exact requirements vary depending on which state you want to work in. And if you want to work in multiple states, then you’ll have to apply separately to each one. All states require proof of education, training, and licensure exam completion. You’ll have to contact the licensing board for the state(s) you want to work in and get a copy of their current licensing requirements. They’ll also be able to give you a time frame for processing a licensure application.


If you want to practice medicine in the UK as a doctor, you need to hold registration along with a license to practice. The registration shows you’re in good standing with the General Medical Council, but it won’t let you practice medicine on its own. The license lets you hold posts as a physician, prescribe medication, etc. Once you have the license, you’ll need to regularly go through a revalidation process.

United Arab Emirates

You’ll need to obtain your license before practicing in any healthcare facility within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. To do that, you’ll need a nomination letter from a sponsoring facility in Abu Dhabi. Other required documents include a valid passport, educational qualifications, experience certificates, home country license, and certificates of good standing. Requirements are similar in other emirates like Dubai.


International medical graduates who want to work in Australia must provide evidence of eligibility and then follow one of three different assessment pathways. Which pathway you take depends on your completed examinations, training, and medical qualifications.

New Zealand

As in Australia, doctors who want to work in New Zealand are routed through one of several different pathways to receive licensing. You’ll take an online registration self-assessment, then follow the instructions for the pathway you’re matched with.

All this sounds like something you’d rather not deal with on your own, contact us. We have experience helping doctors get licensed in other countries. If you want to work internationally, we can help you smoothly complete the licensing process in other countries.