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Is Your Emergency Department Overwhelmed With Patients and Understaffed? Hiring Locums Can Help

By January 17, 2018 No Comments

Among patients, emergency departments are notorious for long wait times. Patients get frustrated that they have to sit in a waiting room for hours when they showed up hoping for quick treatment. After all, if their situation wasn’t urgent they wouldn’t consider it an emergency.

Behind this epidemic of patient dissatisfaction are staffing shortages in emergency departments, overworked and burnt-out physicians, and under-insured patients turning to EDs for their primary care. Fixing the underlying problems that bring more people than staff can keep up with into the emergency room isn’t something that can happen overnight. But one way to deal with the immediate problems of understaffed departments and overworked physicians is by hiring locums.


What Sort Of Things Do Locums Help With?

Locum tenens is the title we give to medical professionals who work short- or long-term temporary positions. Whether you’re working to solve a burnout issue or facing a last-minute staffing crisis, hiring locums can help. And you can get locums with top qualifications in a wide range of specialties, including emergency medicine.

Locums are a perfect solution when you need someone to cover shifts until you can fill a permanent opening. Or they can fill-in while a burnt-out doctor takes a much-needed vacation. Or you can hire locums to supplement your permanent team during seasons with high patient volume.

Where Do You Find Locums?

As when hiring permanent staff, you’ll want to make sure the locums you bring in are qualified for the position. Emergency room malpractice is a huge problem and the last thing you want to do is increase the risk that something will go wrong when you’re trying to bring in someone who will help with your staffing issue.

It’s easy to find qualified locums through medical staffing agencies like RadCoverage. We have many years of experience working in the medical industry and know how to vet candidates and make sure they fit your needs. We’ll only send you qualified locums. Plus, we manage the registration/licensure and travel arrangements. This ensures your new staff gets to you as soon as possible.

How Can You Integrate Locums Into Your Team?

Integrating locums into your medical team happens much the same way it would with newly hired permanent staff. But if you’re going to use locums frequently, it helps to have certain policies in place. First, talk with your permanent staff to address issues like workspace use, goals, and expectations before a locum arrives.

Next, clearly define the standard practices for your emergency department. Locums integrate much more easily if your existing policies and procedures are written down and available to them. Also, be sure that you’re communicating your expectations early and clearly. Contact us today and RadCoverage will help you find a qualified medical professional to fill your emergency department staffing needs.