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Is Locums Work For You? Top 5 Qualities For Locums Tenens Positions

By May 31, 2017 No Comments

radiation oncology locum tenens recruitingAn increasingly large number of physicians are looking at locums work as an attractive possibility. The appeal of freelance work and possibility of a higher paycheck make locums work look like a great option. But is it the best option for you and would you be a good fit?

1) Flexibility

This is by far the number one quality that makes you a good fit for locums work. The more flexible you are, the more job opportunities open up and the easier it is for us to pair you with an open locums position.

Locums positions often involve travel and to get the best jobs you need the flexibility to pick up and move. You’ll also need the flexibility to work with new people, systems, and staff every few months. It also helps if you’re flexible about when you work, such as being willing to work nights.

2) Competency

Sometimes, people assume a locums doctor isn’t the same caliber as a permanent physician. You need the qualifications and competency to prove them wrong. Start out by being honest and up-front about your abilities and comfort level, and then demonstrate that you’re everything your curriculum vitae promised.

If you’re still in residency and planning to take locums jobs in the future, consider acquiring additional procedural competencies during your third year of residency. Or take a procedures course to increase your hirability. The more procedures you can do well, the more locums positions you’ll qualify for.

3) Commitment

Locums positions mean you’ll be working with a new team in a new practice or hospital system every few months or so. You want to demonstrate early on that you’re eager to work and committed to fitting in with the permanent team.

Take the time to learn how the new system works. Seek advice and guidance from others in the practice when you need it. Work with the office staff to understand the practice population. Your coworkers and employer will appreciate your commitment to supporting the patients and fitting in with how they do things.

4) Balance

Remember you only stay in a locums position temporarily. You’re there to support the relationships patients have with their primary physician, not take over the practice. If you can, try to find a balance between your practice style and the hiring physician’s style.

Also, remember to find balance when working with your fellow staff members. Don’t hesitate to actively contribute your experience, but be mindful of the office culture. Just because you won’t be staying here long doesn’t mean you want to damage working relationships with your coworkers.

5) Communication

Good communication is key to providing patients with the right care in any situation, but it’s absolutely vital when you’re planning to move on after a few months. Make certain that the hiring practice and your replacement can find accurate and complete information about your patients after you’ve left.

Have you decided locums work sounds right for you? If you’re a healthcare professional looking for locum work in a Radiation Oncology Department, we can help. RadCoverage specializes in matching locums with open positions and negotiating the best possible contracts for you. Contact us to get started.