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How To Recruit and Use Locum Tenens To Fill Your Staffing Needs In A Rural Area

By February 21, 2018 No Comments

It’s a well-known fact that a major physician shortage is just over the horizon. What’s not quite so well-known is that this issue is compounded by poor distribution of physicians. Fewer physicians choose to practice in rural areas, which means that the shortage is going to hit them particularly hard.

In the history of locum tenens positions, rural areas have supplied the top demand for temporary medical personnel. While locums now work in a variety of different locations and situations they’re still in high demand for filing positions in rural areas.

The problem is that rural areas with available locums positions are now competing with larger practices in more populated cities. And that can mean it’s harder to attract locums to your area. Keep reading to learn about steps you can take to attract and use locums to fill your rural-area staffing needs.


Know What You Offer

Even though rural areas aren’t most physicians’ first choice when looking for work, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to offer. Don’t go into recruiting locums with the attitude that you need to apologize or make up for your rural location. Show them why staffing in a rural area makes sense as a first choice.

You can start out by clicking here to read a list of 5 reasons why locums should work in rural areas. Every one of these reasons is a persuasive point you can use to convince physicians that taking locums work in a rural area is a good move for them.

Present Your Argument

Locums work in rural areas offers an opportunity for physicians to gain a wide range of experiences. They’ll be seeing a diverse patient population, which gives them the chance to hone a variety of skills. There’s also an opportunity to connect with patients on a more personal level in the small-town setting. And since cost of living is lower in rural areas, it’s also a good move financially.

Another argument involves appealing to the locum’s altruism. Many physicians go into medical care because they want to help people. Working in a rural area means they’ll have the opportunity to directly impact an under-served community.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is one of the big perks that working locum tenens positions offers physicians. You can also turn that flexibility to your advantage. Locums’ flexibility also lets you become more flexible with when you schedule patients and how you hire permanent employees.

Hiring locums gives you extra time to interview candidates to fill permanent vacancies. They can also help if your clinic is temporarily overwhelmed with patients but you don’t plan to hire a new long-term employee yet. And hiring a locum doesn’t always mean you’ll be hiring someone to work full-time for a period of a few weeks or months. Depending on the locum’s location and schedule, you might find that they can work for a week every once in a while, come in twice a month, or even just fill-in for a few days. Whatever you’re looking for, RadCoverage can help you find it. Just let us know what you need and we’ll help you match a locum candidate to your practice.