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5 Facts That Will Make You Want To Hire A Specialized Recruiter Instead Of A Large Generic Placement Agency

By August 30, 2017 No Comments

When you’re looking for a specialized candidate, it makes sense to hire a specialized recruiter. Large, generic placement agencies might be working with a lot of people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their contacts are a good fit for your needs. If you’re looking for a candidate in a medical field you’re much more likely to find one that’s a good match using a specialized recruiter. And this is especially true if the recruiter focuses on a specific medical specialty. Since they’re experts in their field, they’re more likely to find experts in your field.


They Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Large placement agencies have quotas. They force recruiters to focus on the number of candidates they place rather than on quality. That’s not the case with a smaller, specialized firm. Specialized recruiters understand that you have specific needs when looking for a candidate and they’re committed to helping you find the best fit. They know more doesn’t always mean better.

They Know The Industry

Generic agencies work in a wide range of industries. They can’t possibly be experts in all of them. And that means they can’t be certain that a candidate is really the best match for you. Even if a large agency focuses on medical recruiting, there’s still too much variety within that field for you to be sure the agency is equally good at picking out oncologists and cardiologists (just to use one example).

Specialized recruiters really know their industries. This has two main advantages. 1) They won’t waste your time by sending unqualified candidates to you for evaluation. 2) They won’t lose potential candidates by sending them jobs they are overqualified for.

They Have Specialized Relationships

Specialized recruiters have developed relationships that they could only build because of their tight focus. These relationships give them a more specialized network that gives them better access to professionals who work in the field you’re hiring in. For example, here at RadCoverage we started a LinkedIn group just for oncology professionals. It’s growing fast, putting us in touch with a wide variety of professional oncologists across the country.

They’ll Bring You Better Candidates

When you’re looking to fill a long term placement, you want to make sure you’re looking at the best candidates. Specialized agencies have the expertise needed to pick through potential candidates and bring you only the best options.

Unless your need is extremely urgent, specialized agencies can start a fresh search each time they start looking to fill a new position. That means you’ll be seeing candidates hand-picked for you who are looking for jobs now. In contrast, a generic placement agency might just send you information for candidates they’ve already had in their database for some time.

They Can Offer Faster Turnaround

When you don’t have time to wait for the specialized recruiter to perform a fresh search, they’re also well equipped for finding a candidate quickly. In many cases, a specialized recruiter already has candidates in your area for the position. This means they can respond to your urgent need or find you a locum quickly. In many cases, they’ll fill the position faster and with a more qualified candidate than a generic agency could hope to find.

When you’re looking for someone to fill an opening on your medical team, you’re not looking for a generic candidate. You’re looking for someone with specific skills, education, and qualifications. So why would you look for this specialized candidate using a generic placement agency? If you need a qualified radiation oncology professional, start looking for them today using a recruiter that specializes in radiation oncology staffing.